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secret of flat-to-3D ➂ perspective / 平面が立体になる秘密 – ➂ 奥行き

When a little paper cut out is standing in a relationship with another piece of paper – the set become a diorama.  There are some examples to show this transition in advertising ephemera, often with flat pack solutions. 切り抜かれた紙片が、奥行きをもって一緒に自立している時、小さな集まりの周辺がジオラマに「昇格」します。広告媒体の紙ものでも、平面から巧みに立ち上がってこの変化を見せるものがあります。 This card to advertise a flour […]

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Ephemera & Ephemerist / はかない印刷物とそのコレクター

There are a group of people, since around the 17th century, collecting printed materials from the everyday scene, to study social and cultural phenomena of the time when the printed paper was made. 印刷物を集め、それが作られた時代の風俗や文化を考察する、日本でいえば「考現学」の一環のようなコレクションが、印刷物が多く刷られるようになったヨーロッパで17世紀ごろから始まっています。 Because of their nature on paper, these printed materials are called […]

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Tunnel book / トンネル・ブック

There were printed publication called ‘Tunnel Book’ or ‘Peepshow book’, a part of paper diorama history in Europe.  The top picture shows its structure with several cut out card panels connected by bellows – folded for storage and extended to view through holes in front. […]

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Tatebanko / 立版古

There was a tradition of paper diorama in Japan, called Tatebanko or Okoshi-e, from around the 17th century until the 1920s.  They were woodcut prints, often designed by well known Ukiyo-e artists, commercially made and sold.  They were very popular for a while, being displayed […]