How to assemble Share Chairs / シェアー・チェアーズの組み立て方

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012 Share chairs, 2001, Assembly Hints & Tips

This is the 012 Share Chairs diorama after completion.  Here’s how to assemble…



There are three cards in the package, together with assembly instructions.  Detach all parts of the chair, using a craft knife/scalpel – connections are indicated by little triangles.  Don’t throw the card away, as you will use it as a template.



First of all, select the 4 pairs of vertical stems and glue them together – they become the back support/legs.



Place bottom rocking bow and under-seat sides in the template and glue front and back legs on.  Front legs have a tiny angle on the bottom to match the curve. Make sure not to glue them to the template!



Wait until dry, take the glued part out and repeat for the other side.



Connect both sides with the two under-seat front panels – placing them as in photo below, at right angles to the side panels.



Keeping the vertical legs parallel and at right angles to the surface, glue floor boards to the centre of the rockers – leaving a tiny gap in between them.  Check views from both ends, making sure the back legs are parallel to each other, and adjust before glue dries.



Attach seat boards to each side, similarly leaving tiny gaps in between.  Finally, attach the back parts with heart cutout, to the centre of top ends – then your Share Chairs are completed.



The left over parts are to make a Crash Car.  Follow the images below and complete your set.  Make sure you leave the wheels in right angle position until they are dry and the shape is fixed.  When you assemble the background, your diorama is completed.



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