How to assemble Ming chair / 明朝の椅子の組み立て方

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011 Ming armchair, 17th c., Assembly Hints & Tips

This is the Ming Dynasty chair diorama after completion.  Here’s how to assemble it.  About tools and adhesives, please refer this link.



There are three cards in the package, together with assembly instructions.  Detach all parts of the chair, using a craft knife/scalpel – connections are indicated by little triangles.



Assemble base/legs part first.  Fold along engraved lines.  Place the edge of a ruler behind the engraved line – this helps to make the fold easier and more precise.  Be aware that there are dual folding on two front corners.  After you attached back side of the base, apply glue on the hatched area and close the top.



Attach the frame on the seat, place the long slot on the back and match the back line to the edge of the base – as shown below.



Place arm part on the side of engraved location marks on top, fold arm supports up at small holes.  Then glue slightly curved back slat in position, put a supportive weight to keep about 45 degree angle, wait until dried.



Glue the bottom of back slat on the center of the seat frame.  When this is dry, apply glue to the two front rectangular holes, push out and locate both arm supports in the holes and hold in position until dry.



Fold over and glue long straight arm supports, then fold the small gluing tab on the top end.  Apply glue to both ends, locate bottom of the support, then attach gluing tab under the arm bow.  Repeat other side and fiddle adjust position to ensure same both sides.



Fold the small gluing tab on the top end of the curved middle support.  Apply glue to the both ends, locate bottom of the support, then attach gluing tab under the arm bow.  Repeat other side and adjust position to ensure same both sides. Check no gluing tabs are sticking out and disturbing the arm bow lines.



When the side view shows close to the image below, the chair is complete.  Assemble the wall and floor, referring to How to assemble background, and the diorama is complete.


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