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We have following 10 products in our 1:16 series.  Please refer history and background story of each product and how to assemble them via links.  If you wish to buy our product, please visit Onetosixteen on-line shop.

1:16シリーズには以下の10商品があります。それぞれの商品の解説と組み立て方はリンクをご参照ください。日本からのご購入は「かみぐ」にて、日本以外の場所からのオーダーは Onetosixteen オンラインショップへどうぞ。

001 Sussex armchair, c. 1860 / How to assemble Sussex chair

002 Shaker chair, c. 1820 / How to assemble Shaker chair

003 Butterfly chair, 1956 / How to assemble Butterfly chair

004 Hill House 1 chair, 1904 / How to assemble Hill House 1 chair

005 Plywood chair, 1988 / How to assemble Plywood chair

006 Mezzadro stool, 1957 / How to assemble Mezzadro stool

007 Zig-Zag chair, c. 1932 / How to assemble Zig-Zag chair

008 Paimio chair, 1931-2 / How to assemble Paimio chair

009 Thonet no. 14 chair, 1859 / How to assemble Thonet no. 14 chair

010 Well Tempered chair, 1986 / How to assemble Well Tempered chair

11 Ming Dynasty armchair, 17th century / How to assemble Ming Dynasty armchair

12 Share Chairs, 2001 / How to assemble Share Chairs

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