010 Well Tempered chair 1986 / ウェルテンパードチェアとその背景

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010 Well Tempered, 1986, Post-modern chairs, Products

We are launching this product by the end of July 2017.

Well Tempered chair
Designed by Ron Arad, 1986
Tempered steel, bolts & nuts

Made from four sheets of tempered steel, folded into shape and bolted together, this sculptural chair was one of the pieces exhibited at Arad’s renowned workshop/showroom One Off, where his experiments in unconventional, urban and artistic ways of creating space were realised.  It was produced in the Vitra Edition series until recently.



建築家でありデザイナーのロン・アラッドが、1980年代に時代を反映し革新的な空間をデザインする試みを続けたスタジオ「One Off」にて製作した家具のひとつで、スプリングの効いた「練金」鉄板をボルトで留めて成形されます。座るとしばらく弾みを感じたのちに心地よい角度に落ち着くこの椅子は、近年までヴィトラ社の「Vitra Edition」シリーズとして製造されました。


We are currently developing a 1:16 paper model of this chair, planned to launch in summer 2017.  We would like to say a big thank you to Ron Arad for his kind permission to use the design for our product, forwarding us the data, as well as showing us his early paper models.  It was wonderful to follow the footage of the development of this chair.




Interior for the Well Tempered

The background of this paper model is referring to the original interior of the One Off shop, when it was in Covent Garden, London in the 1980s.  The entrance door was a reclaimed London bus door and the White wall around it is shutters.

この紙模型の背景として参照したのは、ロンドン中心部のコベントガーデンにあった1980年代のOne Offスタジオのインテリアです。コンクリートの床は赤みがかった色に塗られ、バスの扉を再利用したドアと、その両側は壁ではなくシャッターでした。

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