More stockists of 1:16 / 1:16を扱う小売店が増えました

News & greetings

Since we launched an additional 4 products last year, we have 8 products now, and we have more retailers who are selling our products.  We hope you will have a look at our products and assembled samples at the locations on this list.


Our packages in those shops are shown below.  They are flat pack protected in a plastic envelope, the size of a post card.  You will have a sneak view of the laser cut chair parts through the window opening.


When you open the package and assemble the above products, the chairs will be completed as in the following images.



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A furniture, product and interior designer, leading t.n.a. Design Studio, based in East London. An weekend cyclist and stamp collector.

2 thoughts on “More stockists of 1:16 / 1:16を扱う小売店が増えました”

  1. Sonia Lopez says:

    Hi! I recently bought a pair of your models at the Design Museum in London. I really love them and want to keep them save for a long time. Where can I find the acrylic cases where shops keep your models on display? Thanks in advance for your answer


  2. Hi Sonia. Thank you for your comments. The acrylic cases are sold on our 1:16 on-line shop. Please visit;
    and click “1:16 accessories” – it takes a few days to prepare, as this is fragile item made in Japan. Looking forward to hear from you.

    Best wishes / One to Sixteen team


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