What is 1:16 Mini Museum? / 『1:16 ミニ・ミュージアム』とは?

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About 1:16 Mini Museum

From flat to 3-dimensional

A flat printed material can be cut out and assembled on your desk top – then you realise there is a small diorama around it.  Our mission as curators of the 1:16 mini museum is to deliver this little wonder through a history of chairs and their associated interiors.



平たい印刷物を切って立ち上げるだけで、そこに空間が生まれて小さなジオラマになります。その楽しみを、世界の椅子とそれが生まれた背景のインテリアを通して再現するのが 1:16 ミニ・ミュージアムの使命です。

At this moment, the following chairs and interiors are under development.  This Mini Museum is growing in number little by little, all the time.


Classic chairs
circa 1820 / Shaker chair by anonymous designer
1859 / Thonet chair No.14 by Michael Thonet
circa 1860 / Sussex chair produced by Morris & Co.

Early modernist chairs
1904 / Hill House chair by Charles Rennie Mackintosh
1932 / Zig-Zag chair by Gerrit Rietveld
1932 / Paimio chair by Alvar Aalto

Mid-century modern chairs
1957 / Butterfly chair by Lucian Ercolani
1957 / Mezzadro stool by Achille & Pier Giacomo Castiglioni

Contemporary chairs
1986 / Well Tempered chair by Ron Arad
1988 / Plywood chair by Jasper Morrison

In the top menu Products, chair name with product number are already available, chairs only or Black & White pictures are under development.


And yes, if you wish to buy them – please visit out on-line shop Onetosixteen.


assembled 1-8


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