005 Plywood chair, 1988 / プライウッドチェアとその背景

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005 Plywood, 1988, Contemporary chairs, Products

How to assemble Plywood chair / プライウッドチェアの組み立て方


Plywood chair
Designed by Jasper Morrison, 1988
Birch veneered plywood

Constructed from plywood, glue and screws, this chair was originally made for the installation “Some New Items for the House” in Berlin. Morrison describes “The intention was to design a number of objects which, put together, would form or, rather, imply a room. With this purpose in mind the objects had not to fight for attention, appear too self-conscious by over-design, but have about them a kind of modest, unassuming nature that you would expect of objects you find in real rooms”.

Morrison says that the design came about through necessity, since he had to make the chair himself and the only tools that were to hand were an electric jigsaw and some ‘ship’s curves’, which are curved boat-builders templates. A flat sheet of plywood was cut into shapes, and then assembled into a three dimensional object.

The chair was particularly distinctive for its lack of a back rest. In fact Morrison did make a version with the back filled in, which he said was “more comfortable but less exciting”.  A tapered wooden cross underneath the seat provides structural support, whilst allowing the seat to yield a little during use.

It became an icon of minimalist design and was in production by Vitra until recently.


化粧合板と木ネジだけで構成されたこの椅子は、ベルリンで開催された『Some New Items for the House』という展覧会のためにデザインされました。「空間にいくつかのオブジェを置く事で、自然に室内空間が出来上がることを意図した」とモリソン氏自身が語るように、この展示は過剰なデザインで人目にとまることをあえて避け、控えめでもったいぶらないアイテムによってリアルな室内を構成する試みでした。





Jasper Morrison Ltd web site
Plywood chair in Vitra Design Museum collection
Jasper Morrison on Design Museum, link showing “Some New Items for the House, Part I”

ジャスパー・モリソン スタジオのHP
ヴィトラデザインミユージアムのコレクションのPlywood chair 解説


We have launched this model in September 2016.  We would like to say a big thank you to Jasper Morrison for his kind permission to use the design in our product.



JM installation04
JM installation02
JM installation01
JM installation03
Interior for the Plywood chair

We refer to the installation named “Some New Items for the House, Part II” at the Galerie Facsimile for Vitra, at the Salone del Mobile in Milan, in 1989.  The colour of one of the carpets in the room is use for the package of this 1:16 kit.


1989年のサローネ家具見本市でヴィトラ社のためにモリソン氏がデザインした『Some New Items for the House, Part II』というインスタレーションの一角を紙で再現しています。また、この時に使われたカーペットの一色をパッケージに採用しました。

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