secret of flat-to-3D ➁ self standing / 平面が立体になる秘密 – ➁ 自立

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Culture of Paper Models, Ephemera

When a piece of paper is standing on its own,  a little miracle happens and you recognise a space around it.   This is the second stage of a paper diorama.  And it is important to be flat at the beginning – lots of them were sent out to deliver their message – often they are advertising a merchandise.  When the recipient transforms it into a standing object, it provides a joy!

外形線を切り取られた薄っぺらい紙が、すっくと自立していると、、、小さな魔法がかかってその紙片の周りに空間が生まれる – これがペーパージオラマの第2ステージです。広告媒体として作られたオブジェたちは、最初はフラットで運びやすくたくさん配られ、受け取った人が立体にする時にふわっと楽しくなる、その瞬間が重要です。



This dog police is one of six dolls produced, as mascots of a stove polish called Enameline.  This dog is policing the copy of their product – ‘Look out for Imitations’.  It must have been a competitive market for stove polish in New York, we can imagine, and profitable for a company to hand out this well made printed material and hire a designer who thought up this self standing cut-out.  When this dog is standing, a picture of their product is visible behind the police helmet.




The next ones are German cats,  advertising washing starch.  They must have handed out a lot – I found the brown one in a jumble sale in the UK and another one in antique market in Japan.  They are made by two die-cut parts glued together.  They were displayed where busy housewives and washing ladies were working, cheering them up and selling many boxes of washing starch.


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