Shaker Christmas wreath – a gift for you / シェーカー・クリスマス プレゼント

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002 Shaker, circa 1820, Assembly Hints & Tips, Free download supplement, News & greetings


Did you have good 2014?  It was a nice one for us, having launched this 1:16 range to the world!  Here we wish you a merry Christmas and post a small gift… a pdf download file of Christmas decorations for your 1:16 models.


pdf: Shaker Christmas 1 (6.4MB)

shaker xmas01
Shaker Christmas

Print out the attached pdf file, on heavy weight matt printing paper/card, then cut out wreaths and background with a craft knife.  Fold up the two broken lines at the top of the background.


shaker xmas02

shaker xmas03

Fold up the four small tabs sticking out from the smaller wreath, put glue at the ends and stick the larger wreath on top of them.  Glue the background to the wall at top and bottom ( just a very tiny bit of glue to tack it in place if you want to remove the Christmas background later on) – completed.  Bring the chair back to the room, hang the wreath where you like.


shaker xmas05

shaker xmas06
I have not been to Shaker villages in America – but I would imagine that Shaker people had a modest Christmas with natural resources.  For the 001 Sussex chair, we have another pdf file coming soon, with decorations from the Victorian period.

アメリカのシェーカーヴィレッジをわたしは訪ねたことがないのですが、資料から推測した質素でナチュラルな飾りを作ってみました。001 サセックスチェアのためのヴィクトリア時代のクリスマス飾りも、近日中にアップします。

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