001 Sussex armchair launched / サセックスチェアが発売になりました

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001 Sussex, circa 1860, News & greetings

001 Sussex armchair is launched.
You can read about this chair and its background at 001 Sussex armchair.  For assembly instruction, please visit How to assemble Sussex armchair.  There are some snaps of this model on Took some picture of Sussex armchair.

001 サセックスアームチェアが発売になりました。


Where to buy / ご購入

On-line shop Onetosixteen is able to post you this item from GB to all over the world.


Contacts / 小売店の方

If any UK or European retailers are interested in to sell these products, please contact us at <onetosixteen@tnadesignstudio.co.uk>.

(福永紙工株式会社 担当:金谷・古谷)

About design rights / 版権に関すること

If this was designed by Philip Webb, the design right was valid until 1965.  We understand there is no design right exits and developed paper model.


sussex package

sussex parts



Sussex complete



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