002 Shaker chair, c.1820 / シェーカーチェアとその背景

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002 Shaker, circa 1820, Classic chairs, Products

How to assemble Shaker chair / シェーカーチェアの組み立て方


Shaker chair
circa. 1820
hardwood such as Maple or Birch and woven tape seat

The Shakers were 19th century America’s communal utopian society.  According to the book Shaker ( Jane Sprigg and David Larkin, 1987  ), ‘.. Shaker chairs were typically light but sturdy’ – they excluded all decorative elements from their furniture, pursuing pure functionality and simplicity.  They were often made for the exact size of Believers, members of the Shaker community.  As a part of their neat and beautifully crafted interior fittings, chairs were hung on the wall pegs when they cleaned the floor.




Link to Onetosixteen Online Shop, Shaker chair


Link to ‘How to assemble Shaer chair’ / シェーカーチェアの組み立て方はこちら



book cover

shaker book02

Interior for the Shaker Chair

They had a simple rail + hook system all over their home to hang clock, clothes drier, brooms and candle holders.  We developed the interior colour inspired by authentic historic Shaker interiors, to reconstruct a small corner of a spinning room with turquoise blue rails and a large window.



shaker book04shaker book03
In Japan, group of high quality craftsmen are reviving the original of Shaker chairs, making and selling them.
Uno Furniture Workshop


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