Why scale 1:16? / なぜ縮尺が16分の1?

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About 1:16 Mini Museum

Why we decided to make the scale of the mini museum 1:16 ?


The simplest way to change the scale is by making it half.  When you half a real object, it is 1:2.  Then if you half it again, that is 1:4.  If you half that one more time, it is now 1:8.  Yes, then you half that object once more time, the result is 1:16.  So, this scale is based on a simple four times of half-ing!


why 1-16As a result, you have a little chair on your palm and it’s just about possible to apply glue to the margin of the paper to assemble this model.  We tried 1:8 as well, but they were not very cute!


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A furniture, product and interior designer, leading t.n.a. Design Studio, based in East London. An weekend cyclist and stamp collector.

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