Fabricator Fukunaga Shiko, Japan / 製造元は、福永紙工

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About 1:16 Mini Museum

This series is born as a collaboration between two teams in Tokyo and London.
The manufacturer is Fukunaga Shiko in West Tokyo, who is hosting Kami no Kosakujo.

『1:16 ミニ・ミュージアム』の製造を行っているのは、東京都多摩エリアに工場のある印刷加工会社福永紙工です。

Fukunaga Shiko is a unique printer and paper fabricator, who are specialise in high quality packages and design oriented DMs and invitations.  They have their own range of products Kami no Kosakujo, that many designers are involved in those products, with the mission to expand ‘the joy of paper’.  Some of them are introduced internationally, such as  ‘Air Vase‘, ‘Terada Mokei‘ and ‘1/5 scale paper chair‘ .


日本国内の小売店で『1:16 ミニ・ミュージアム』のお取り扱いをご希望の場合は、下記メールアドレスまでご連絡ください。

福永紙工株式会社 担当:髙橋、武井、古谷

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