Designer, Tomoko Azumi & TNA / デザインは安積朋子とTNA Design Studio

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About 1:16 Mini Museum

The designer of 1:16 Mini Museum is Tomoko Azumi & TNA Design Studio, furniture and interior design studio in East London.

1:16 ミニ・ミュージアムの企画とデザインは、東ロンドンで家具と空間デザインを本業とする安積朋子のTNA Design Studioです。

Tomoko Azumi and TNA Design Studio is a design consultancy specialising in furniture and products, as well as designing retail and exhibition spaces.   This series was born in the area of Tomoko’s profession and her interest in the use of paper – and in paper models and diorama, which she started to collect in recent years.

TNA Design Studioではおもに、家具やプロダクトとショップや展示会などの空間デザインを手がけています。このシリーズの開発は、安積朋子が子供のころから好きで近年になって収集をはじめた紙のモデルやジオラマと、本業である家具やインテリアのデザインの2つの領域が重なったところから生まれました。

The graphic for the packages and Onetosixteen logo are designed by Risa of Mentsen – a design duo based in South London.


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A furniture, product and interior designer, leading t.n.a. Design Studio, based in East London. An weekend cyclist and stamp collector.

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