Hello world! / はじめまして。

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About 1:16 Mini Museum, News & greetings

1:16 Mini Museum was launched, in November 2014.
16分の1 ミニ・ミュージアムは2014年11月に発売になりました。

Hello world!  After 3 years of preparation, the first two products from this on-going “1:16 Mini Museum” are released.



< the aim of 1:16 Mini Museum>

A flat printed material can be cut out and assembled on your desk top – then you realise there is a small diorama around it.  Our mission as curators of the 1:16 mini museum is to deliver this little wonder through a history of chairs and their associated interiors.

It might be difficult to own the real historical chairs – but you can reconstruct a tiny corner of a room and enjoy the history of the chair and interior with this ‘mini museum’!

フラットな印刷物を切り取り折り曲げると、そこに立体が生まれて周りに小さな空間が立ち上がる。そんな紙で作るジオラマの楽しみを、椅子とそれが生まれた背景のインテリアを通してお届けするのが 1:16 ミニ・ミュージアムの使命です。



< 1:16 Mini Museum is growing >

The Mini Museum is growing in numbers all the time.  We have two chairs launched in November 2014, and the following chairs and interiors are under development.


Classic chairs
1869 / Thonet chair No.14 by Michael Thonet

Early Modernist chairs
1904 / Hillhouse chair by Charles Rennie Mackintosh
1932 / Zig-Zag chair by Gerrit Rietveld

Mid-Century Modern chairs
1957 / Butterfly chair by Lucian Ercolani

Contemporary chairs
1988 / Plywood chair by Jasper Morrison
2002 / Laser chair by Ineke Hans
2010 / Arc chair by Tomoko Azumi

many types01

Where to buy, and contact of request
Two shops have started to sell them in London – twentytwentyone and Geffrye Museum shop.  Also the on-line shop of twentytwentyone for customers world-wide.

If any UK or European retailers are interested to sell these products, please contact us at <onetosixteen@tnadesignstudio.co.uk>.

日本での販売は東京ミッドタウンのTime & Styleほか、「Where to buy」のリンクにてお知らせしています。福永紙工のネットショップ「かみぐ」でも近日中に販売を開始します。

福永紙工株式会社 担当:金谷・古谷

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